Meeting Niksic-Radoncic: There will be no Recomposition of Government


The meeting of the leaders of SDP BiH and SBB, Nermin Niksic, and Fahrudin Radoncic, is finished and after the meeting the two leaders announced that there will be no recomposition of the government, and that this meeting represents the strengthening of political dialogue that BiH needs.

Nermin Niksic stated that they discussed political situation in BiH and had a consistent attitude in some respects and in some not, which is normal since some of them are in opposition and others in the government.

“SDP BiH, as I said to Mr. Radoncic, is focusing on 2018 and enlargement of the left or the formation of patriotic bloc that will oppose further division of BiH,” said Niksic.

Radoncic said in his address to the media that the SBB as a political option of center will oppose divisions and that it is not questionable at all.

Radoncic added that when it comes to the coalition at the state level for the time being, there is no question about the changes at least when it comes to the SDA, SBB and HDZ BiH.

“Now we are waiting for the new leader of the SDS, and to see in which direction this will go and what their views are and if they want to be part of this coalition. Our goal is to remain in the same composition by 2018,” concluded Radoncic.

(Source: nap.ba)


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