Who are the Mayors who renounced their Income for the Benefit of Citizens?

mayors-wagesThe October elections in BiH brought some changes on leader positions in many municipalities and cities in BiH.

New/old mayors assumed offices and entered the cabinets in their municipalities, determined to fulfill the promises given during the campaign.

In a very short time, some mayors managed to make moves that the BiH public welcomed with delight.

For instance, the Mayor of Bihać Šuhret Fazlić forwarded a proposal on reduction of his own wage to the Municipal Council. With the amended decision, wage of the Mayor of Bihać will amount to around 2.500 BAM, instead of the planned 4.500 BAM.

“I would be ashamed to receive such a high wage in these difficult times. This is a message to everyone that we must change the way we think about public funds, we must spend them humbly and we must not spend more than what we have. That is the only way to live better in this city of ours,” said Fazlić.

Another positive example comes from Olovo. The local Mayor Džemal Memahić decided to give up his entire wage and provide scholarships for the best students from Olovo.

“Some people believed I will do it, some didn’t. When I make a promise, I fulfill it. I managed to distribute funds between high school and university students in the form of a one-time financial aid,” said Memagić.

Recently, the region was surprised by the move of the mayor of the Municipality of Kakanj as well. The Mayor Nermin Mandra decided to redirect funds intended for the celebration of New Year’s Eve in that city to the treatment of the seven-year-old Evelin Alajbegović who suffers from brain cancer.

The Mayor of Kozarska Dubica Radenko Reljić also decided to reduce his own wage. He forwarded the proposal to the Assembly and adoption of the decision is expected this week.

“The decision will certainly be adopted because we reached a consensus and the decision will enter into force on January 1. I have enough money and I do not care about that wage, and people also asked me to do this. I see that a lot of my colleagues think like this, this trend is expanding because we really must reduce our wages to some realistic levels,” said Reljić, who concluded that mayor’s wage cannot amount to 4.000 BAM if the wage of an ordinary worker amounts to 400 BAM.

Similar decision was adopted in the Municipality of Gradiška. The Mayor of Gradiška Zoran Adžić said that, apart from his wage, the wages of other officials and delegates have also been reduced, as well as the financing of political parties, which was reduced from 90.000 BAM to 60.000 BAM.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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