Mayor Beslic wrote to Eurowings: Mostar is not divided into Croatian and Bosnian Part

November 9, 2017 12:30 PM

The Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Beslic sent a letter to Eurowings with the request for the text about Mostar to be removed from their official pages due to inaccurate information that it contains.

“After information about Mostar that appeared on your official website at the beginning of the sale of airline tickets, you published some information that is completely inaccurate in several paragraphs and that caused immeasurable damage to Mostar and its residents. It is not true that mostly Muslim population lives in Mostar. According to the official census of population from 2013, according to the national and religious structure, it is evident that a total of 113,169 residents live in Mostar. Namely, 51,216 are Croats, 46,752 are Bosniaks, 4,421 are Serbs, 1,312 have no ethnic affiliation, 1,910 are other nations,” stated Beslic in the letter.

He also added that in the text was stated that Mostar’s landmark the Old Bridge is connecting the “Bosnian and Croatian part of the city”, which is again not true.

“The city is united, and it has one administration that is working in that way for years. Due to the harsh mistakes made on your official sites, which have already been reported by some media, we are asking you to remove this text,” stated Mayor Beslic in a letter to Eurowings, the airline company that recently announced the establishment of regular flights between Mostar and Stuttgart and Düsseldorf in Germany.

The text that Mayor Beslic reacted to was removed from the official website of Eurowings.



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