Master Fashion from BiH is the Largest Manufacturer of Clothing for the German Group Ahlers

April 3, 2017 9:00 AM

clothesCompany Master Fashion started with their work in the Business Zone Borac in Travnik five years ago. The new beginning of a textile company meant existence for many people, said Sead Sulejmanovic, the owner of the company.

“At the beginning, we took over 340 employees from the confection company Borac, who lost their jobs back then, and we employed another hundred people as well. For some of them it was a new beginning, for some it meant existence, and some of them gained conditions for retirement here,” said Sulejmanovic.

Today, Master Fashion employs a total of 430 employees, and its strategic partner is German group Ahlers, which is completing production capacities throughout the year. Last year they produced a total of 264,000 garments. Master Fashion makes about a thousand units of clothing daily.

“Master Fashion is a major partner in BiH and the largest one in the region for Ahlers. We are the largest producers for this partner in the segment of business suits. We are doing both classic and sports program. I want to emphasize the great support of Ahlers on both technical and financial plan, without which this would not be possible,” stated Sulejmanovic.

These are famous confection brands including Pierre Cardin, Baldessarini and Otto Kern, which are under the auspices of the Ahlers Group.

“Master Fashion is a company which mostly employs workers from Travnik. It has been operating successfully and financially stable for five years. The capacities are constantly filled. Salaries were not delayed for a day during five years of operation, and all of the employees are insured,” said Serif Elmazovski, the technical director of the Master Fashion.

In the production of the factory Master Fashion was invested around 2 million BAM so far. There are projects for its extension as well.

“There are some projects, but in relation to the market, the expansion is still on “stand by”. The political situation and some sort of uncertainty are not in favor for the textile industry,” as said from the factory Master Fashion in Travnik.



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