Mass Grave found near City of Visegrad

A mass grave was found in Gradina near Visegrad, said Emza Fazlic, spokesperson of the Institute for Missing Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Only checks are done. But on the spot, the first skeletal remains were found,” Fazlic said.

It is still not safe to say whether it is a primary or secondary mass grave, but it is assumed that there are bodies of killed persons from Visegrad in 1992 and Srebrenica in 1995.

The terrain is extremely difficult and everything is mined, so digging will be difficult.

“It is a rocky terrain, and through the bodies of the victims it is assumed that the mines were set up, so excavations will continue in the coming days, with the exhumation being run by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, according to the order of the Court of BiH,” added Fazlic.

Information about the location of the tomb was obtained from the person who allegedly did not participate in the crimes, but in the burial of the body, and is a protected witness.


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