Masovic: Bosnian Armed Forces expect many Challenges this Year


A roundtable took place at premises of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Armed Forces in the capital Sarajevo on Thursday, followed by an informative briefing of the Joint Staff with the Association of diplomatic representatives accredited in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The aim of the event was to inform the military and diplomatic representatives in Bosnia about the most important activities of the Bosnian Armed Forces in 2019 and the planned activities in the coming period.

The event was hosted by Bosnian Chief of the Armed Forces Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Senad Masovic, and Deputy Chiefs of Joint Staff of BiH’s AF Major General Ivica Jerkic and Major General Gojko Knezevic.

In his address to the roundtable participants, General Masovic emphasized the key results that Armed Forces achieved in 2019.

Masovic stressed that the Armed Forces expect many challenges this year, the most important being the establishment of a new structure, in accordance with the 2016 Defense Review, as well as the implementation of other activities related to increasing the degree of interoperability and bringing Bosnia closer to Euro-Atlantic integrations.

He stressed that it was high time for the Armed Forces to receive a development budget that would create preconditions for moving into the modernization process, which would create conditions for achieving even better results, as well as improving overall life and work.


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