Marica and Haris from Srebrenica are Authors of Smart Containers


Marica Milosavljevic and Haris Mujic, high school students from Srebrenica, are the authors of the project, a smart container called “Trash for Cash” (TFC).

The prototype of the smart container will be funded by Futurus Makerspace and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Future Foundation.

The idea of developing a smart container came about when Marica and Harris participated in the largest high school competition in BiH, “Start Me High School”. Walking around the city, they noticed that there are various waste items at every turn, so they decided to raise the environmental awareness of people.

“Our idea has received positive comments from experts and we are among the top ten innovative ideas in the competition. Those who dump garbage in smart containers will receive gift points, which will be provided by sponsors who advertise on the surface of the container. This will allow companies to advertise for a smaller amount than other types of advertising,” Milosavljevic explained.

Mujic explained that the first containers will be placed in Srebrenica and then across Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Future of BiH Foundation and Futures Makerspace have enabled us to educate ourselves in IT, and a smart container is theirs and our success, Avaz news portal reports.



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