How many People in BiH use the Internet?

The so-called internet penetration in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is 75 percent, more precisely 2.63 million residents of BiH are connected to the Internet, which is only slightly below the average of the southern Europe, which is 77 percent.

Specifically, the penetration of mobile Internet is “one hundredth”, ie the number of subscriptions to mobile Internet is equal to the number of residents, as site “Mediacentar” has published.

Residents of BiH are also active users of social networks, up to 1.7 million (48 percent) people use social networks, of which 1.5 million on mobile devices.

However, we can not really praise the speed of the Internet, since we are at the very bottom of the world list, at 117th place out of 123, ahead of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Libya and Iraq.

The average mobile Internet speed in BiH is 7.2 MBPS (in Norway, which is the first at the list, this number is 61.2 MBPS).

In Europe, out of around 843 million people, a total of 674 million people use the Internet, and 448 million use social networks. Six percent growth of Internet users has also been marked.

All of this data were published in the Digital Global report for 2018, which showed that the number of Internet users in the world exceeded four billion, and now 53 percent of the world’s population is online.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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