Many Citizens of BiH to go in Dubai and Istanbul on May 1?

April 26, 2017 12:15 PM

airplaneMay 1 this year falls on Monday and many citizens of BiH will use the long weekend for a small vacation. Arrangements in travel agencies are mostly sold out, and some citizens of BiH will welcome the Labor Day on some exotic destinations.

From Centrotours agency told us that Mediterranean cruise is hit for this year’s May 1. Citizens who decide to spend their holidays on the ship MSC Orchestra will visit Verona, Genoa, Cannes, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Corsica, Rome, Cinque Terre, Milan, and Venice. This arrangement is sold out.

Hit destinations by plane are Dubai and Istanbul, which are sold out as well.

“When it comes to European destinations that we do by bus, there are still few places left. We work Budapest, Gardaland, Legoland, Prague, Rome, Tuscany, and Zaostrog,” said Jasmina Delalic, head of the agency Centrotours in Ferhadija.

Agency Sol Azur and Buena Vista offer the largest number of destinations this year. Airline destinations are hit, and they sold out arrangements for Malta, Sicily, and Istanbul, while there are still few places left for Dubai.

When it comes to arrangements by bus, the most popular destinations are Milan, Prague, and Venice, and they also have offers for Belgrade, Istanbul, Verona, Ohrid, Prague, Rome, Tuscany, Venice, and Vienna.

“We are organizing a trip for young people as well – the party with numerous DJs in Kallithea in Greece. This is a trip of a regional character in which participate young people from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc. We have a large number of applicants,” said Dino Imamovic from this agency.

Some clients of the agency Ventura Travel will spend their May 1 in Morocco or Thailand, which are the hit destinations of this agency. They offer more than 20 destinations.

“The greatest interest is for the plane arrangements – Rome, Dubai, and Istanbul, which were sold out in the first month, and there is great interest in the bus arrangements for Munich, Paris, and Barcelona. Due to the length of this holiday, clients decided for arrangements that are more than five days long, in order to take advantage and spend their free time throughout Europe,” said Adnan Terzic from Ventura Travel Agency.

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