Man from Bosnia and Herzegovina arrested for poisoning Dogs, 35 reported Dead


Police officers of the Jajce Police Department have revealed and arrested a person who poisoned dogs in the area of ​​this city, Central Bosnia Canton Ministry of Interior spokesman Hasan Hodzic confirmed to Klix.ba news portal.

The arrested of initials V.B., born in 1964. is charged with the crime of killing and torturing animals.

Legally prescribed measures and actions are taken against the suspect, and a fine or imprisonment of up to one year is prescribed for this criminal offense in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

“Between February 15th and April 5th, 2020, poisoning of 35 dogs was reported to the Jajce Police Station at various times and locations. Despite numerous activities due to the coronavirus epidemic, police officers have dedicated themselves to finding the responsible person,” Hodzic added.

Thirteen dogs were rescued successfully through rapid veterinary intervention at the Jajce Veterinary Station after poisoning.  The perpetrator mixed the poison into minced meat and threw it to dogs.




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