Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto sent a Message of Unity from Sarajevo

June 3, 2017 10:45 AM

Michelangelo_Pistoletto_EPAItalian artist and protagonist of the movement Arte Povera / Poor art of the sixties, Michelangelo Pistoletto, presented his work “the Third Paradise” at the initiative of the Embassy of Italy in BiH, and on the occasion of the National Day of Italy, at the Art Depot Ars Aevi. In this way, Sarajevo became one of world cities in which he presented the idea of the unity of the artificial and natural world, with the aim of harmonizing contradictions.

“The Third Paradise” is a symbol of infinity that maestro reversed by adding a central circle, which is conceived as a mean of change and rebirth of a new humanity. Talking about the artwork that he presented, Pistoletto explained that the Third Paradise means that there are two previous paradises.

“The first paradise is the one in which human beings were fully integrated into nature, while the second paradise is born out of nature. That is the artificial paradise where on the one side we have nature, and on the other side is art. The artificial world was born as a new world and it was created from the natural world, but it started attacking the natural world later, so now we have to make a balance between natural and artificial world. That is how I created one symbol that is made up of three circles. Two external circles represent all opposition from the natural and artificial world, and the central circle represents the union, cooperation, balance and harmony between nature and the artist,” said Pistoletto.

Critic of contemporary art and curator of the exhibition “the Third Paradise” in Sarajevo, Manuela Gandini, said that the Third Paradise is very important for a country that went through enormous suffer because citizens can reunite through the symbol of the Third Paradise and, with the prior introduction and respect, promise to themselves that extreme violence will never happen again.

She noted that unity is crucial and that for them, as well as for us, it is very important that the “Third Paradise” is presented in Sarajevo.

“Thanks to the culture that was created during and after the war, we learned a lot even though we did not experience this terrible war. It is a cultural resistance and indeed it is an example of cultural resistance in the global plan. Ars Aevi is very important and powerful and, thanks to Enver Hadziomerspahic, the entire world of art responded to his invitation and everyone was donating their works,” concluded Gandini.

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