Lumber Industry in RS Increased Exports by 10.5%

August 7, 2017 2:30 PM

The secretary of the Association of Lumberjacks of the Republika Srpska, the smaller entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lazo Sinik said to Srna that the lumber industry in RS increased exports by 10.5% and that by the end of the year, 500 million BAM worth of lumber will be exported.

“In six months in the lumber, wood products and furniture industries, we’ve seen a 10.5% increase, thanks to an increase in the export of more expensive products. We were then able to employ more people, which is very positive,” Sinik said.

He emphasized that lumberjacks can expect a surplus of 400 million BAM.

Talking about the delivery of lumber assortments to lumber factories, Sinik noted that criteria for delivery for this year were determined, even though annual contracts haven’t been signed.

“Despite the fact that we don’t have contracts, there’s a certain dynamic in their deliver. It’s very important that contracts for next year are finalized in a timely manner so that there wouldn’t be any uncertainties in the delivery of lumber,” Sinik added.

He noted how a continuity in the supply of lumber, which is a requirement for quality production.



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