Lukomir Village “locked” by Snow

As of couple days ago, inhabitants of Lukomir left the village and twenty houses in this village on Bjelašnica at 1,495 meters above sea level will remain locked until spring.

Only two families stayed in their homes, because of sheep herds that are their source of income.

“The three of us, husband, son and I, stayed in our house. We have 100 sheep and we stayed a little longer because there was no snow,” said the 66-year-old Raza Masleša.

The forthcoming winter will be the fifth consecutive winter during which 22 houses in Lukomer are locked between November and April or May. The village gets locked away by several meters high snow drifts. Residents of Lukomir spend the winter in Tarčin, Hadžići and Vlakovo.

Lukomir village was declared national monument, consisting of 96 residential and agricultural facilities and former school facilities, a necropolis with 18 tombstones at the locality of Vlaško groblje and a necropolis with nine tombstones at the locality of Jezerine. This is the last authentic Bosnian village with houses made of stone and covered with shingles.

Lukomir is located 50 kilometers away from Sarajevo and 35 kilometers away from Konjic. It is situated on the cliff of the canyon of Rakitnica, between two peaks – Lovnica (1,856 meters above sea level) and Obalj (1,896 meters above sea level).

During summers there are 22 inhabited houses in Lukomir and up to 4,000 sheep on the rich pastures of Bjelašnica.

From spring to late autumn hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists and tourists are coming to Lukomir to enjoy the view of canyon of Rakitnica, and the view goes back to the “Mostar door” and Prenj, Visočica, Krvavca, Oblj.

The stećak tombstones from the 14th and 15th centuries in Lukomir are indicating that this area was inhabited 600 years ago. In all the brochures for rural tourism Lukomir is among the top destinations. The movies “Silent Gunpowder” and “The sky above the landscape” were filmed here.

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