Lukac: Security Situation, including Terrorist Threats, are under the Control

November 8, 2017 9:30 AM

Director of the Federal Police Administration, Dragan Lukac, attended the regular meeting with the police commissars of ministries of internal affairs of the FBiH in Zenica. Among other things, Lukac commented on the topic of terrorism in the FBiH, and noted that those people who returned from the foreign battlefield are under surveillance.

Lukac also noted that the Federal Police Administration received no reports of terrorist attacks during the year of 2016 and nine months of this year.

“We do not have extremely serious security cases, and terrorism now represents the key problem at a global level. We have been working very hard in BiH through the police work and the work of other security services with the aim to keep everything under control. You couldn’t see a patrol in a daily tour in Gornja Maoca four or five years ago, and today you will see it there, as well as in other places where parajamats are present,” stated Lukac.

Almost 300 people went to foreign battlefields from BiH, 50 of them returned and more than 20 of them were prosecuted. Lukac noted to all of those who came back from the foreign battlefields that their every step is followed, they know their intentions and they are better not to try to do something because they will be located and arrested.

While commenting on the topic of salaries of police officers, Lukac said that salaries of police officers are low, they are doing a great job and that he would not change them for foreign police officers.

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