Lucic: At the end of the Year, we expect to play a few Friendly Matches


As of yesterday, the women’s U-15 national team players of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been at the preparations at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica.

Head coach Ilija Lucić says about those preparations:

“We had a long break in work due to the coronavirus, so this national team is gathering only for the second time this year, and we had the first camp in the winter. At the end of the preparations, we will have tests that will best show us how much the players have worked in the past period. We can’t expect much from individual trainings; without teamwork and matches they stand still. After only two training sessions, a break was felt and that they were not at the level they had been at the last gathering.”

Lucić believes that there are qualities in this team:

“I think this generation is talented. At the end of the year, we expect to play a few friendly matches, so we will have an even clearer picture. There are players who have already proven their quality, because they were invited to the gatherings of the previous generation, and we will meet some of them later. For the most part, we can be satisfied with what they have shown so far.”

The captain of this team, Nina Pupić, came to the preparations in good shape:

“It is a great honour for me to lead this team as a captain. The training sessions are not too difficult; the coaches have an understanding for us after a long break. In my club, Emina, I train with the first team so I am in good shape. We welcomed these preparations. We are a talented team and I believe we will show that in the future.”

Goalkeeper Iman Dumanjić said:

“It is always a good feeling to come to the gathering of the national team. Positive energy reigns here and it is felt as soon as you step into the camp. We are all together, we hang out and we can’t be bad. We had online trainings organized in the club, so I came to this gathering well prepared.”

National team player Dalal Bratović

“We are happy to be together again and to hang out at the Federation’s Training Camp. For a long time, due to the coronavirus, we had to work in a way we were not used to. However, I think that we are in good shape and that we will show that in these preparations. It can be seen that all the players have a lot of motives and we feel comfortable at the national team gathering.”


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