Lorens Listo is Winner of Traditional Jumps from Old Bridge in Mostar

Traditional jumps from the Old Bridge in the city of Mostar, located some 130 kilometers southwest of the capital Sarajevo, were held on Sunday afternoon for 453rdtime.

From the 28-meter-high Old Bridge, the UNESCO monument, 24 jumpers jumped in two disciplines: on head, where it is desirable for jumper to make as much splash as he gets into water, and on legs, where is reverse.

For thirteenth time in his career, Lorens Listo won in jumps on head with maximum 100 points for the first and second series of jumps, after which he announced that he will not compete in the future.

“The feeling is phenomenal even though this was my toughest fight,” Listo told reporters after the triumph in Mostar, adding that he hit his head during the jumps, after which he felt dizziness.

Listo announced that he will continue giving jumping lessons to children and then he will go to the deserved retirement after 20 years of competing.

The second place in jumps on head was taken by Stefan Jeftic, and third place by Mustafa Saric.

When it comes to jumps on legs, Igor Kazic won with maximum 100 points, followed by Kenan Maslesa and Admir Delic.

Traditional jumps from Old Bridge in Mostar were held under auspices of BiH’s Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic.

Some thousand tourists and residents of BiH were watching the jumps which are a tradition for Mostar’s young men to jump from the Old Bridge in the cold Neretva River.

The trip from the top of the bridge river lasts nearly three seconds and divers reach a speed of around 80 kilometers per hour.

The Old Bridge, originally built by the Ottomans in 1566, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was destroyed during country’s 1992-95 war, but was rebuilt and opened in 2004. Enditem






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