Locher and Kavazovic signed the Sarajevo Declaration on Inter-religious Cooperation

May 14, 2017 4:00 PM

Kavazovic LocherReis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH Husein ef. Kavazovic and President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and Chairman of the Presidium of the Alliance of Protestant Churches of Europe, Gottfried Locher signed Sarajevo Declaration “A common word for the common good” in Gazi Husrevbey’s Library.

This is a historic meeting of representatives of this religious community and the Islamic Community of BiH. Reis-ul-Ulema Kavazovic recalled that BiH and Switzerland have a lot in common since Switzerland has always been a home to people of different ethnicity and religions.

“We committed to cooperate on common good in Switzerland and went one step further by signing this declaration. One of the main objectives of our cooperation is the desire for establishing and exchange of experiences because we can share our experience of the institutional living of Islam in European socio-political context with all European societies and local Muslim communities,” said Reis Kavazovic.

He expressed the hope that this kind of meetings should be held more frequently in BiH and throughout Europe, adding that we can learn a lot from Switzerland.

“We can learn a lot about their economic experience and the ways in which Europe learned to manage their differences. We need that experience in BiH because, as other European nations found a way to leave their bloody past and conflict and disagreements behind, we believe that the nations of this part Europe can do the same,” stated Reis Kavazovic.

“We must constantly put religion into focus, especially in the light of the secularization. Religions in interreligious cooperation are giving their contribution to society, the unity of society and humanity of state organization,” said Locher.

He recalled that Muslims and Protestant Christians represent visible and significant minorities in Europe and noted that they are linked because of such situation.

(Source: El. B./Klix.ba/Photo: nap.ba)


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