The Life Story of Edhem Custovic: From a Refugee to the Author of Revolutionary Innovations

Edhem (Eddie) Custovic, a genius from BiH with the address in Australia, is moving the global borders in several fields. He is thr author of several innovations, and one of them contributed to the reduction of the mortality rate of babies in Australia. This 32-year-old man from Tuzla never lost his belief in his homeland, and he is planning to return to BiH because he wants to help it to become a real example of successful development.

Life journey took Edhem Custovic and his family first to Switzerland in 1991, and then to far Australia, where he is recording his extraordinary success today.

After three and a half years spent in Switzerland, the family Custovic moved to Australia. Due to their refugee status and insufficient financial resources, Edhem and his brother were not able to go to some of the private schools, but that did not prevent him from proving his great skills.

His effort took him after the high school at the prestigious Australian La Trobe University where he got the title of the electrical engineer and later he became a professor there.

“I wanted to connect the world of business with engineering through economics, entrepreneurship, and innovation studies. The benefits of engineering in entrepreneurship were proven through practice, and that is what I am trying to transfer to young people in BiH as well,” stated Custovic.

His knowledge and skills were also confirmed through membership in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the largest professional organization in the world, which is present in more than 180 countries and counts around 440,000 members, among which was the famous Nikola Tesla.

He became well known in the business world through several revolutionary innovations, and he worked with several colleagues during their process of realization. The most important one is the TIGER-3 radar system, which is currently used by the Cambridge University and the US Army.

He believes that BiH has very talented young people who do not have as many opportunities as their peers in some more developed countries. Therefore, he decided to transfer his knowledge and skills to the young people in BiH.

He realized several projects so far, and the one through which a young electrical engineer from Banja Luka, Nemanja Vujanic, started a company that is engaged in the development of intelligent speech machines is especially important. These machines can already be found in several locations.

Custovic reveals that 10 to 15 new start-up companies will be initiated in the next six months, which will show that everyone can succeed in BiH, and that imported projects do have the support of large organizations.

(Source: A. Kendic/Klix.ba)

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