The Life of Australian Actor in Sarajevo

June 27, 2017 10:45 AM

Resad-i-Sabina-StrikAlthough he was born in one of the most beautiful and, according to many statistical analysis, one of the countries with the highest quality of life, the actor Reshad Strik decided to replace an indescribable Australian natural beauty with life in Sarajevo. The son of a Bosnian, who left Sarajevo in the 1960’s and an Australian, decided to return to his roots, and married Sabina Pitic from Sarajevo, with whom he has two children today, a five-year-old Merjem and a three-year-old Omar.

While explaining why he likes Sarajevo much more than America, Turkey, and Australia where he grew up, Reshad says that people are working too much there and that everything is just about work.

“It is different in Bosnia, there is relaxation, enjoying, and I feel that I belong here. I also think that I am more useful here, it is more important for me to be in Sarajevo, when it comes to the film industry, and I want to promote BiH as well,” said this actor.

He selflessly decided to show his love for the city on Miljacka River and the entire BiH to the whole world. That is the reason why he gave the idea to his wife to open a tourist agency several years ago, which is very successful today. After that, they opened a publishing house with the aim to promote talented writers from BiH, not only in the region of Balkans but much wider as well.

“We were looking for projects that are linked to BiH and which can bring benefit to this country. Thus, Reshad came up with the idea to invest in the sector of tourism, and to bring foreign tourists in BiH and the Balkans. He saw a great potential in that, because a lot of that was unused, especially the beauty of our nature. We lived outside, and when you are a stranger in some country you get a special desire to promote your country better in the world. We are doing very well and we are happy, we have people from Arab countries, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and European countries,” says Sabina.

“Although I am missing my brothers and their children, my mother and other relatives in Australia, especially for the holidays, I really love Eid in Sarajevo. I love how people dress up for Eid, they have special Eid outfits. I like all customs and traditions here, visiting family for all three or four days, eating baklava and all other things that are typical for an Eid in Sarajevo,” said Reshad.

They were celebrating Eids in Australia and Turkey, but it is a special feeling in Sarajevo. With the favorite Reshad’s Bosnian dishes, they will welcome this Eid with Sabina’s family, which is like his family, his father’s family, and many other friends.



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