Let’s make a big Round of Applause for all the Bosnian manufacturers! (video)


Domestic producers have been in one of their toughest exams for more than a month.  It has been successfully passed on to citizens, because with their community and dedication they set an example and recipe for a contented life and a sense of security in the days of isolation.

They teach us how to be stronger, how to look at adversity from another more positive perspective from the comfort of your own home.  People who are in the field every day trying to deliver all products on time encourage us to think and instill a sense of security, was stated from domestic company AS Holding.

We need to thank them. Let’s show solidarity, responsibility and togetherness.

Solidarity with manufacturers who are trying to make our day easier, even if it is difficult enough for them, with those who care about supply and our future.

Responsibility to those who are on the front lines and risk their health and lives for our own sake. Communion because together we are stronger than all. It is enough to put Klas flour on the shelves of our kitchens, make delicious Sprind noodles, use Tuzla salt, sweeten our lives with Maza, connect with a cup of Zlatna Dzezva and be proud that together we strengthen the BiH economy in the most difficult moments.

Let’s make a big round of applause for all the Bosnian manufacturers!



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