Let’s help 16-year-old Adnan to collect Money for his Life-saving Therapies

January 5, 2018 8:45 AM

Adnan Halilovic from Konjic is 16 years old and he has only one wish – to get better and continue normal life. This boy, who is suffering from difficult diseases, needs around 4.000 BAM every month for his therapies.

Adnan is diagnosed with celiac disease, Chron’s disease, dermatitis and Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), and his family does not have the money that is needed for his therapies every month.

If he does not receive his therapy, even the smallest infection or fever can be fatal for Adnan, warned his mother Sanela, who has been struggling to collect money for her child for already two years. He used all the rights he had from the Institute of Healthcare Insurance, and therefore the parents need to collect the entire amount.

Everyone interested can participate in the humanitarian action to help this boy, so that he does not have to worry about the money, and in order for him to turn his strength and hope into healing and struggle for normal life.

You can make a payment on the account number 141-506-13100268-65 at BBI Bank on the name of Adnan Halilovic. For more information, you can visit the Facebook page or call the following phone number: 060 34 66 292.

(Source: klix.ba)


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