They learned that they are Brother and Sister after 28 Years

June 8, 2017 7:45 AM

brother and sisterLife in this region is unusual and complex by itself, not usual at all.

“My life, as of many other people’s here, has been everything but simple. I was the product of successful parents in Yugoslav middle-class, a professor at the Faculty of Economics and a doctor. I had a potentially good genetic structure and a bright future. But, as it usually happens, fate stepped in and complicated things,” said Eldar, who is a famous photographer from Sarajevo and founder of the “E2 Studio”, which is dealing with cinematography.

Before marriage with his mother, his father Cerim had an affair with a woman of another faith that her parents did not approve. They had even threatened to disown her if she marries Cerim.

“It was a real forbidden love. As I found out, when he was married to my mother for a long time and  soon before his death, that woman showed up, after learning about his very difficult health condition, and she brought my sister saying that she is not asking for anything, but she just wanted to tell him that he has another child before he dies,” said Eldar.

“When I was 18, my mother told me that I have a half-sister and she also told me her name and that I can look for her if I want. I wanted that and I started looking for her everywhere. Some people who were close to my father told me that she lived in Mostar. When I finally got her address, I found out that they went to Serbia during the war, and maybe even somewhere else. I was back at the beginning once again… All these years I thought that it would be great if I could find her and fill that huge emptiness in my life that was caused by some losses,” said Eldar.

“I thought and felt that if she knows that I exist somewhere in the world, she would contact me in some way. Then came the time of social networks and three years of searching through Facebook. At one point, there were five results with her name. I sent the same message to all of them with the most unusual content “Hi, my name is Eldar Nurkovic, I live in Sarajevo and there is a possibility that I am your brother.” Can you imagine the reaction of some Milena Dj. from a village near Kikinda who read this message … I got negative responses, one after the other. My sister was last to reply,” said Eldar.

“Shortly after receiving this message and learning the truth, Milena came to Sarajevo and we were inseparable for seven days… It is a strange feeling, you do not know your own blood, and its genetic code attracts you like nothing else before… Who could allow himself the right to “steal” all those years and dreams from us? The rest is history,” said Eldar who recently became a proud uncle of little Konstantin.

For trivial reasons that separated him from his sister for almost three decades, and who is one of the most important persons in his life, he has only one comment.

“Life is too short not to live it to the fullest.”




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