Leaders’ Meeting canceled, the Federation still without a new Government

bakircovicAccording to the press service of the Presidency of BiH, the meeting of the leaders of the three parties (SDA, HDZ and DF) was canceled yesterday.

Dragan Covic confirmed that he had a brief meeting with Bakir Izetbegovic and that the current situation concerning the formation of the government is going to be resolved.

“On Friday, they could have formed the Council of Ministers and the Federal Government,” said Covic.

However, there was no meeting yesterday. The meeting with the representative of the DF had only Bakir Izetbegovic. When asked whether Izetbegovic is an intermediary between the HDZ and the DF parties, Covic has denied the allegations and said that the leader of the SDA is too serious to be a mediator.

The Ministry of Finance is still disputable and Covic said that the HDZ will not give up on six ministry positions.

As previously written, the Presidency attempts for the fourth time to agree on the formation of government.

The HDZ leader Dragan Covic forst left the meeting and the meeting continued with the SDA and the Democratic Front, Bakir Izetbegovic and Damir Bećirović respectively.

Covic returned to the building back in 16:00 o’clock, but it was announced that the meeting was cancelled and that the agreement was not made.


(Source: klix)

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