Lazovic: Holbrooke announced Change of Dayton in ’95

May 13, 2017 10:00 AM

lazovicMiro Lazovic, participant of the Dayton peace process, former President of the Assembly of BiH and a member of the SDP, talked about the international conference where the possibility of changing the Constitution of BiH and the Dayton Agreement would be discussed.

“The fact is that we got BiH as unfinished building in the Dayton and with phallic Constitution that holds every citizen of BiH in a discriminatory position, this Constitution of BiH cannot bring good, and it holds our country in a very difficult situation. The current constitution has to be changed. I expected from local political forces to remove the chains by themselves. But politicians enjoy them, and they are holding citizens and nation hostage,” said Lazovic.

He said that domestic political factors will have to face with changes to the Constitution because we cannot enter the European integrations with such a constitution.

“In 1995, at the finish of these discussions, remarks to Richard Holbrooke were justified. He said that we will have to live with this Constitution for 15 years, and then will have to change it,” said Lazovic.

He added that the civil state cannot be made overnight.

“We must keep one policy that will respect the civil  principle as well as religious elements that are present here.”

“It will be hard to find a solution that all sides will accept. It must be based on the principles of the EU. The international community will have to get more involved. This solution will have to include elements of compromise, but not a discrimination of citizens of BiH. Political actors must find a solution, but I’m not sure that they will be able to do it. They want to keep that power for themselves. I believe that the EU will have to get included and impose principles that are applied in Europe,” he said.

He also noted that an international conference on that topic with the local actors will have to be organized soon.

(Source: N1)


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