Lazio Fans Found New Hero in Lulić

senadlulicSenad Lulić is the new hero for Lazio fans, according to the Italian Messaggero. Thanks to the goal that brought his team a win over city rivals Roma in the Italian Cup, the BiH player became a favorite of fans.

Lulić has still not gotten used to the popularity, but it is certainly fills him with pride and happiness. This can be seen on his smiling face, writes Messaggero.

May 26th changed his life forever. All fans that come to the practices wish to see him, to take photos with him and to have his autograph.

Lulić scored the winning goal in the 71st minute of the game.

Lazio fans have even changed some of the most well-known fan songs to include hi name in the lyrics.

The Italian newspaper writes that the trainer of Lazio Vladimir Petković has great confidence in Lulić.


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