Layoffs and Increase in the Price of Tickets in Public Transport to follow?

August 6, 2017 2:00 PM

Temporary Manager of CPUC GRAS, Haris Gusic, held a press conference at which he presented the steps that have been taken to normalize business operation and the state of this company.

“The number of 1,190 employees is realistic with our current capacity and the number of vehicles in our possession, but this number will be increased when we get more vehicles and we are hoping for a much larger number of employees. Until we get the vehicles, we will work with the current number of employees,” said Gusic.

“We need more drivers, and in a few days we will announce a public invitation for 30 drivers that we need during this period, and I would like to give a chance to young people. When it comes to the Employment Center of CS, we will include them in the retirement program for workers who wished to be retired. I want to make it easier for them to cooperate with the Prime Minister and Minister,” said Gusic.

He added that drivers and controllers were not protected until now and that cooperation with the Ministry of Interior was established in order to assist with the sale of coupons.

“There will be a change in prices of tickets, but it does not have to mean that everything will be more expensive. Our commercial line of buses will be 2 BAM, and we are implementing changes in the rest of the tariff system, and the government decided that GRAS will be the only transporter on that line, and in case that Centrotrans remains operating on this line, it will have to increase the price. Also, it is not right that the price of 1, 60 BAM is valid for two stations and for those who are traveling from Ilidza to Bascarsija but who will pay a ticket for two stations or from Ilidza to Bascarsija when almost everyone has coupons? These cards are paid by tourists,” said the Manager of GRAS.

“It is not logical for workers in companies who receive 53 BAM for a monthly ticket within their employee compensation, not to spend this money on coupons,” concluded Gusic.

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