Law Student from Pennsylvania visits Court of BiH

A law student from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Ms. Ariel Dickinson, Monday visited the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the framework of the “Study Abroad” program, during the school year 2019, the first-year law student is visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina during June, studying the legal system structure in BiH, its criminal law with a focus on war crimes cases, as well as civil rights in light of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.  

In the framework of her visit to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Ariel Dickinson had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Court’s Legal Department, Witness Support Section and Public Information and Outreach Section, whom she asked numerous questions about the operation of the Court of BiH. Ms. Dickinson was shown a video recording of a testimony of a witness with protective measures, given in a case conducted before Section I for War Crimes at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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