The largest Production of Coal in the last 20 Years recorded in BiH

November 5, 2017 12:00 PM

A total of 509.770 tons of coal was produced in coal mines in October this year, which is the largest monthly coal production recorded since the war and the formation of the Concern EPBiH in 2009.

Production of coal in October this year was increased by 69.970 tons or 15.91 % in comparison to the same month of 2016, and by 124.397 tons or 32.28 % when compared to October 2015.

The mines within the Concern EPBiH produced 4,621,604 tons of coal in the period from January 1 to October 31 this year, which represents an increase of 500.943 tons, or 12.16 %, when compared to the same period last year, or even 906.832 tons or 24.41 % in comparison to the same period of 2015.

The production of coal in ten months of 2017 is the largest recorded coal production in the period after the war and since the formation of the Concern.

Although the subsidiaries of coal mines in the period from January to September this year operated with a loss of 16,890,218 BAM, the business result for the period January-September this year is better than the same period last year by 24,328,573 BAM, and the result is better for 46.882.110 BAM in comparison to the year of 2015.

Positive business operations in the period January-September of this year were realized by the coal mine “Kakanj”, coal mine “Breza” and coal mine “Gracanica”, while positive business operations in the month of September 2017 were realized by the coal mine “KRKA”, coal mine “Kakanj”, coal mine “Breza” coal mine “Abid Lolic” and coal mine “Gracanica”.

Activities on the realization of recapitalization projects in subsidiaries of coal mines were intensified with the funds of PE Elektroprivreda BiH in 2016, as well as in the previous months of 2017, which resulted in a continuous increase of coal production, as noted by the PE Elektroprivreda BiH.



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