Large Growth of Tourism in TC: Long-term Goal is 50 million BAM of Income per Year

October 7, 2017 7:00 AM

The Tourist Community of Tuzla Canton recorded 50,000 tourists who achieved at least one overnight stay this year. The actual number of visitors is a lot larger, but all those who visit one of the 13 municipalities in TC cannot be classified in the same way.

“We are surprised with the increase of visits and overnight stays in TC. We have the potential to make a trend and therefore we have to work on the system that we already have. It is especially interesting that tourists in TC are staying longer than the average of BiH,” said Mirsad Gluhic, the Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Transport in the Government of TC.

In order to adequately address the interest of tourists for BiH, the Tourism Forum will be opened in Tuzla on October 10.

“We want to gather tourist workers in one place, but also representatives of the authorities from all levels. The aim is to see what we have done so far, what we are currently doing and what we are planning to do. Canton Tuzla now earns around 24 million BAM from tourism on an annual basis, and our goal is to reach 50 million BAM,” said Gluhic.

He noted that, during the summer season, the ethno-garden Mackovac near Banovici recorded 100,000 visitors and the tourist settlement Orion in Ormanica near Srebrenica about 60,000 visitors.

Only during the summer season, the number of tourists was increased by a total of 20 % in comparison to the same period last year, according to the data of the relevant Ministry of the TC. As a result, tourists in TC spend 2.9 days on average, while the average on the level of BiH is 2.2 days. Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla recorded better income this year and more than 400,000 visits.

“Majority overnight stays were recorded in Gradacac, while the largest number of paid tourist taxes was recorded in Tuzla. The largest number of overnight stays in Gradacac was recorded in Ilidza spa. It is important to note that all other local communities recorded significant increase of visits as well,” said Minister Gluhic.



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