Lack of Embassies complicates Relations between BiH and Albania?

February 5, 2018 11:00 AM

“BiH and the Republic of Albania have no open political issues. However, only honorary consulates are located both in Sarajevo and Tirana, but there is no embassy, which complicates our friendly relations,” said the Honorary Consul General of Albania to BiH, Muharrem Zejnullahu.

The consulates are limited to economic, cultural and tourist cooperation, stated Zejnullahu, but when there is no diplomatic political representative to respond, then there can be felt a lack of communication.

He recalled that BiH had a rigorous attitude towards Albania in terms of visas for certain amount of time, similar to the attitude of BiH towards Kosovo today, but citizens now travel with their ID cards from one country to another, which is mostly visible in the sector of tourist cooperation.

A large number of tourists visit the Albanian sea coast, and on the other hand, the number of tourists from all Albania who come to BiH during the summer and winter is large as well, although Zejnullahu reminded that the roads between the two countries are in a poor condition, which is making mutual travels difficult, and there is no direct airline as well.

He also noted that the Tourist Week of Albania was supposed to be organized last year in BiH, and it would gather all segments of the tourist offer, as well as the issue of infrastructure, but it was not realized.

He announced that the issue will be opened again when the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania arrives in BiH on February 7, and added that, according to him, these two countries are not sufficiently promoting their tourism potentials, which are rapidly improving in Albania.

“There are no political issues for the process of improving relations, which is most important, but we are lacking cooperation in all other sectors, and it is possible to achieve greater progress for both countries by improving economic, tourist and cultural cooperation,” as stated by the Honorary Consul of Albania in BiH.







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