Labor Day in Sarajevo: Fun and Barbecues at the nearby Picnic Sites

labor day sarajevoThe four-day holiday, which many citizens use to go out from Sarajevo, is the main reason why only “several groups” gathered the on banks of Bosna River near the Roman Bridge in Ilidza near Sarajevo. And some probably stayed at home because they have no money.

In some previous years, it was difficult to find a place by the river. These places were reserved only for those who would wake up really early and would come to the picnic site with the first roosters. Those who liked to sleep would get other places on this not so small meadow.

It was all the same again this year, but there were far fewer people. Even the offer was slightly weaker. There used to be ten, and even more, lambs turning on the grill. It was impossible to count the barbecues. This year it was quite smaller gathering.

“We come here once a year to “light the fire” and that’s why we are here,” said one of the visitors.

Those who did not feel like it to “enjoy the barbecue” were able to walk to the nearby Vrelo Bosne. Hundreds of walkers, young and old, came out of their houses.

In short, the Labor Day in Sarajevo is not what it used to be. However, there are also the old saying that the one who has (money) does not eat the pie but the one who is used to. And new generations, because of the speed of their lives, are not used to spend a few hours to relax, without computers, cell phones and similar kinds of “shackles” in their lives. There is also a big number of those who decided to travel somewhere since they had four days off.

(Source; faktor.ba)

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