“Krug 99” called for the Formation of a Block for Unity and Strengthening of BiH

November 21, 2016 9:30 AM

krug-99The Vice-President of the FBiH Milan Dunovic said that the marking of the 25th of November, the Statehood Day of BiH, is more important this year than before, because it is often talked about the divisions of the country now.

He, as keynote speaker of Sunday session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals Krug 99′, said that there are many stories about the division of the country, even in the FBiH.

“We have seen that the RS is often represented as a country, and not as an entity,” said Dunovic.

He noted that about the Statehood Day should be talked much more and remind on its importance.

Professor Tomislav Isek believes that there is less reason to celebrate, and more to remind. He emphasized that the decisions that were taken on the 25th of November were often manipulated, although it is the most important date in the history of BiH.

Professor Mirko Pejanovic reminded that on the 25th of November 1943, at the first session of ZAVNOBiH in Mrkonjic Grad, was adopted the Resolution of ZAVNOBiH. Then the peoples of BiH decided that their country will be a community in which will be ensured full equality for everyone, and equality of the Republic of BiH within the Yugoslav Federation, with the borders from the time of medieval Bosnia.

A year later, at a meeting in Sanski Most, ZAVNOBIH became the legislative and executive authority and its presidency established a public administration in Jajce.

Pejanovic recalled that the first government was established in 1945 in Sarajevo, and that the first constitution was adopted a year later

“That constitution established the equality of all citizens in BiH,” said Pejanovic.

”Krug 99”, said that the situation in BiH is not satisfactory, and they called for the formation of the block whose members would be parties and organizations who want unity and strengthening of the state of BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)


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