Kojovic to Croatian President: The only Cleansing of BiH in which Croatia helped was Ethnic

The president of Nasa stranka, Predrag Kojovic, answered to the president of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, that every attempt of Croatian civilization of Bosnia and Herzegovina was an attempt to alienate it, and that the only cleansing that Croatia helped was actually ethnic.

Kojovic said that according to the statements of Croatian President Milanović, it can be concluded that he sees BiH as a colony at a lower level of civilizational development than Croatia, and, according to him, Croatia is a factor in our “civilization”, Klix.ba writes.

“However, every attempt by Croatia to ‘civilize’ Bosnia was in fact an attempt to alienate it, and the only cleansing that Croatia helped was ethnic.

The consequences are what we need to cleanse ourselves of. No soaps or perfumes are needed here. “This cleansing was called denazification, and perhaps more politically correct – cultural decontamination.

It should also cover a series of Milanovic’s actions towards BiH, including this latest statement,” Kojovic said.

The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, spoke as a guest in HTV’s Dnevnik about BiH and on that occasion, among other things, pointed out that our country is far from civil and that it first needs soap and then perfume, alluding to the need for one type of cleaning.

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