Kojovic comments on Dodik’s Call to Soldiers to wear Republika Srpska Uniform

During the celebration of the Third Infantry Arms Day of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik called on the soldiers to wear Republika Srpska Army uniforms next year.

This call was commented by Predrag Kojovic, President of Our Party:

“Milorad Dodik is playing with fire this time more than ever before. This is the point from which there would no longer be a return from the road of new suffering. The Armed Forces of BiH are one of the greatest achievements of the Dayton Peace Agreement and their attempt to destroy and restore one of their parts, even in the symbolic plan, in the form of uniforms, is the destruction of peace. The uniform of the Army of Republika Srpska is a clear sign of hostility towards BiH. With this uniform, the most terrible memories, genocide and other horrific crimes are associated. It would be impossible to accept their return. “

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