Did you know that there used to be a Deep Sea on the Territory of Sarajevo?

July 17, 2017 11:30 AM

The National Museum of BiH enriched its already rich offer with another great exhibition “Fossils of Canton Sarajevo”, which is prepared by paleontologist Bozena Cvorovic.

All visitors have the opportunity to take a look into the geological past of Sarajevo and its surroundings and to see and discover the mysterious and unusual world captured in the stone – the world of fossils.

“Can you imagine Trebevic Mountain under the sea with sharks! Or a large lake that was rich in fish at the locality of today’s settlement Ciglane. During the ice age, cave bears inhabited the caves on the Bjelasnica Mountain. The new exhibition of the Geological Section of the National Museum of BiH is hiding those and many other secrets of the far past of our country,” as announced from the National Museum of BiH.

In the exhibition are presented the fossils of several animal species from the various geological periods of Earth, which were collected by the experts of the National Museum since the year of 1888, when this significant scientific and cultural-historical institution was founded.

The exhibition includes 350 of 35,000 samples. A special attraction for the youngest ones is the model of Dimetrophon, an animal from the group of Synapsids that was extinct before the dinosaurs, but with which they are mistakenly often identified due to their appearance.

“Here are exhibited the fossils of the oldest rocks, which are dating from more than 420 million years ago. Remains of shells, snails, and some other animals were found as well. Colleagues showed how these rocks looked like so that our visitors could get a somewhat clearer image. In the area of Trebevic, Bjelasnica and Jahorina mountains are showed the trilateral rocks with the most important fossils and deposits. These fossils are called ammonites. They mostly look like beings from the Indian Ocean. That was the time when there was a deep, deep sea in the area of Sarajevo. They are in fact indicators of the deep sea,” said Cvorovic.

The exhibition will be open in the next few months.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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