Do you know the Story of the Oldest Bridge in BiH?

April 15, 2017 2:30 PM

the old bridge in KlepciJust a few kilometers away from the National Park of Nature Hutovo Blato is located the oldest bridge in BiH.

The bridge in Klepci is connecting the two sides of restless Bregava River since the 16th century when it was built by Mustafa Bey.

“Considering the fact that in this place were discovered routes of roads from the earlier period, there was probably a Roman bridge on the site of this bridge. The exact time of the construction of this bridge from that period was not determined”, as stated from the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of BiH, which declared the bridge as the national monument of BiH in 2003.

The arch of the bridge irresistibly reminiscent on the arch of the Old Bridge in Mostar and the bridge in Klepci was built 40 years before the one in Mostar – back in 1517. It was restored 150 years later when Sisman Ibrahim Pasha built han (Inn) in Pocitelj, a madrasa, hammam and restored the mosque.

Although it is not known whether the original look of the bridge was changed during the then reconstruction, from the Museum of Herzegovina stated that this is the only authentic bridge from the period of the Ottoman Empire. The Bridge in Klepci is certainly one of the most important works of Ottoman architecture, especially in the sector of infrastructure.

Specifically, in the part where the bridge is overpassing Bregava River is wide but with low river banks, the builder had to make larger stone walls and set up longer access ramps, which made the arch of the bridge not so high.

“According to written sources, there was an inscription on this bridge and all of its traces were lost”, as stated by the Commission.

However, although the oldest bridge in BiH was recognized as the national monument of our country, as well as many other monuments in BoiH, it is exposed to constant decay.


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