Do you know why is Sarajevo among the most desirable Destinations?

August 14, 2017 8:30 AM

Sarajevo is full of tourists, and most of them came for the SFF. Catering facilities are working extra hours, and Sarajevo is living fully.

Tourists are visiting the capital of BiH, and the additional reason is the film festival that is characterized as one of the best ones in the area of Southeastern Europe.

The last places in most of the hotels are already taken, and the workers in catering industry say that there is more work as the city is breathing fully, and therefore the working hours of all the facilities are extended.

“Working time is longer for an hour, which is normal in every catering facility, and since the season is already strong, the turnover is even stronger during the SFF, which is good for us because we are earning more,” explained Amar Voljevac, a worker in the catering industry.

“The best eight days in the city,” said one of the tourists.

“Beautiful. This is my first time to visit, I’m from Germany, and it is great to be in this city, everything is just great and relaxing. We can see that the festival is important to everyone. People are celebrating the film, everyone is celebrating the film.”

Sarajevo looks great since the beginning of summer. The capital of BiH is full of tourists from foreign countries, as well as domestic tourists, fans of the film who came to visit this festival. There are also those who came here during the SFF by chance.

Sarajevo is among the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe. Tourists in Sarajevo enjoy because the capital city of BiH has so much to offer.

(Source: N1/Dzenita Visca)




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