Do you know who was the first Reis-ul-ulema of the IC BiH?

December 11, 2017 12:30 PM

The Islamic Community of BiH is definitely the most important national institution of Bosniaks in BiH, which, despite all the challenges, managed to survived, and it is taking care not only of the religious, but also of the cultural and spiritual being of this nation, for over a century and a half.

Next week, on December 15, it will be 135 years since the solemn ceremony of the establishment of the first Reis ul ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH, Mustafa Hilmi-ef. Hadziomerovic, which took place in the grand hall in Konak in 1882.

That also represented a symbolic turn not only in the life of the Muslims in BiH, but also in the work of the Ulema (Islamic scholars) which, after the Ottomans left, was obliged to reconcile religious life with new circumstances.

Reis-ul-ulema Hadziomerovic was known among his contemporaries as a man who knew “the knowledge of Islamic doctrine” very well, and he was an expert in Sharia law (Islamic law) and hadith (Prophet’s narrations) as well.

“There was no man who knew the biography of Prophet’s contemporaries and friends better than him. He was very humble. He spoke a little, but his every word was wise. He spent his free time in dealing with agriculture on his property in Ljesevo. His house was rarely without guests, and entire legends were told about his piety. He was “one of the most prominent personalities of our past,” as stated at the official webpage of the Rijaset of the IC BiH.

Mustafa Hilmi-efendija Hadziomerovic was a member of the Education Commission that was formed back in 1869 with the task to implement educational reforms, supervise schools and libraries, plan the necessary funds for education, manage those funds and control their spending.

Hajji Mustafa Hilmi ef. Hadziomerovic resigned on the function of Reis-ul-ulema back in 1893. His resignation was accepted and he went to deserved retirement. He died two years later, on February 10, 1895.

From Hadziomerovic to the current Reis-ul-ulema Dr. Husein ef. Kavazovic, the IC BiH recorded a total of 14 Reis-ul-ulemas in these 135 years. After Hadziomerovic came Mehmed Teufik ef. Azabagic (1893-1909.), and then: hafiz Sulejman ef. Sarac (1910-1912), the famous Mehmed Dzemaludin Causevic (1913-1930), Hajji hafiz Ibrahim ef. Maglajlic (1930-1936.), Fehim ef. Spaho (1938-1942.), Salih Safvet Basic (1942 – 1947.), Hajji Ibrahim ef. Fejic (1947.-1957.), Sulejman Kemura (1957. – 1975.), Naim ef. Hadziabdic (1975-1987.), Hafiz Husein ef. Mujic (1987-1989.), Hajji Jakub ef. Selimoski (1991. – 1993.), Dr. Mustafa ef. Ceric (1993. – 2012.), Dr. Husein ef. Kavazovic (2012.-present).



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