“Knife, wire” T-shirts at a Discount in a Belgrade Store

T-shirts with the shameful inscription “Knife, wire” are just a part of the creepy assortment of the Belgrade store “011shop”, rich in a “patriotic program” glorifying the genocide in Srebrenica. The offer, which is openly advertised by the sellers, currently includes a T-shirt with this inscription on sale, Avaz writes.

These are hooded sweatshirts that can be completely closed and serve as a phantom, all at a holiday price of 1,990 dinars there, while the model with short sleeves and the same inscription is also on sale.

For those who are not for “knife and wire”, “011shop” also offers T-shirts with the inscription “Wifebeater”, for fans of domestic violence, but also sweatshirts with the abbreviation “ACAB” (All cop are bastards), which is banned worldwide.

Despite the fact that the first two inscriptions can fall into the same category, it is obvious that they are allowed to be printed and produced in Serbia.

It is additionally surprising that the online purchase of these products is done through a foreign bank which, according to EU laws, should not allow transactions for the purchase of such products.

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