What kind of Weather is expected in BiH?

January 8, 2018 2:00 PM

Mostly cloudy and rainy weather with maximum temperatures up to 16 degrees celsius is expected in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) this week.

According to the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, mostly cloudy weather with morning temperatures up to a maximum of nine degrees celsius and daytime temperature up to 16 degrees celsius is expected today.

We can expect a similar weather on Wednesday as well, when morning temperatures will be up to 12 degrees celsius, and daytime temperature will be up to 16 degrees.

On Wednesday in Krajina, west, and southwest of BiH there will be rain. Morning temperatures will range between 3 degrees celsius and 12 degrees maximum in the south of the country, with a maximum daytime temperature of 16 degrees celsius.

Cloudy weather with rain in Krajina, west and southwest of BiH can also be expected on Thursday. According to forecasts, the rainfalls will stop in the evening hours. Morning temperatures will range from 3 to 8, in south from 7 to 12 degrees celsius, and daytime temperatures from 4 to 10, in south from 9 to 13 degrees celsius.

The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute says that above average warm weather will prevail in BiH during this week.


(Source: Klix.ba)



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