Kavat from Sweden opened a Shoe Factory in Novi Travnik?

The Swedish company Kavat completed its new factory in the Industrial Zone Neubarje near Novi Travnik in a record amount of time and it is already operational.

They invested around 3 million BAM in the construction of the factory and furnishing of its premises.

“A meadow was here just six months ago, and now we have a modern factory that was opened in a record amount of time. All of this required a lot of energy and sleepless nights, but I have to say that it was worth it,” said Smail Sabic, the director of Kavat in BiH.

There is also a modern outlet within the factory where everyone can buy their products at cheaper prices.

Sabic noted that the company exports almost 100 % of its production. Its main market are Scandinavian countries, and they also export to Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Russia.

When it comes to the production of footwear for children, this company is among the strongest ones in Europe. It was the first one to get a certificate for the production of clean, ecologic footwear. How large that job was is best shown by the fact that they were waiting for three years to receive the certificate. They are working with biodegradable materials and they have ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 certificates.

The company has a 72 years old tradition of producing footwear for children and youth, and they started with the production in BiH in 2009 when they founded a company in Travnik.


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