Judgement in Case of Srecko Acimovic for Srebrenica Genocide to be announced Today


The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will on Friday, announce judgment in the case of Srećko Aćimović, who is charged with the criminal offense of Genocide under Article 171, Subparagraphs a) and b), of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as read with Article 180(1) and Article 30 of the Code.

The Indictment alleges that the accused Srećko Aćimović, as commander of II Battalion, Zvornik Brigade, Army of Republika Srpska, during the period between 14 and 16 July 1995, knowingly aided members of a joint criminal enterprise whose plan and goal was to incarcerate and summarily execute and bury able-bodied Bosniak men from the Srebrenica enclave, and forcibly relocate women, children and elderly from the enclave, and thus destroy them as a group.

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