Joint Exercise of BiH Armed Forces and US began

A joint military exercise of members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States called “Bilateral Exercise” began yesterday at the Glamoc and Manjaca training grounds.

The “bilateral exercise” will enable the BiH Armed Forces to improve partnership cooperation with the USA and NATO partners, and develop interoperability and readiness, as well as create preconditions for the introduction of new capabilities of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense stated in the press release. 

The Armed Forces of BiH will participate in the exercise with a computer-assisted exercise / CAX / and field exercise / FTX /, and the US Armed Forces will participate with two “F-16” planes, and will provide support to the forces on the ground. 

The planes, which will provide close air support at the location of the Glamoc test site, will not use live ammunition, but will, after the call for support, perform laser locking of the target and simulated destruction. 

The goal of the exercise is for the Armed Forces of BiH, through an exercise with specialists for guidance and control of close air support / Joint Terminal Attack Controllers – JTAC /, to improve the operational capabilities of the declared battalion group. 

The statement adds that in this way, the Armed Forces of BiH would gain the ability to perform conventional operations to realize the assigned tasks in real-time and in the international environment with the use of close fire and air support.

During the realization of the exercise, all prescribed hygienic-epidemiological measures will be taken, with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

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