Job in Germany for 20.000 People from Balkans?!

September 7, 2015 3:15 PM

Andrea NalesMuch more than 20.000 people could come to Germany annually if you take into account that they will, soon or later, take their families with them, said Andrea Nales (SDP), Minister for Social Issues.

She added that she wants to facilitate the employment and paid professional training to citizens from six countries of the Western Balkans in Germany, where there is current a record number of 600.000 vacancies.

“We have to create a contingent of work permits for citizens of ll six countries of the Western Balkans. That would be a possibility to stop the vicious cycle of entering Germany and the deportation“, said Nales.

The essence of her proposal is to, in the next five years, provide a total of 20.000 work permits for people from those countries, regardless of qualification.

“It is about working permits, 20.000 annually, not about people. Much more than 20.000 people from Western Balkans could come to Germany, if it is taken into account that they will, soon or later, take their families with them“, explained she.

It is usual to count countries of the former Yugoslavia into the region of the Western Balkans, without Slovenia, plus Albania. Given that Croatia is a member of the EU, this proposal of the minister is related to Serbia, Montenegro, B&H, Macedonia and Albania.

Conditions for obtaining a workplace would be: approval of the German Employment Agency, a concrete offer for a job or the professional training – with the salary at the local level.




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