Jahorina will be enriched with longest Alpine Coaster and Cable Car

Director of “Jahorina” Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic said that the summer holiday season on Jahorina will be enriched with construction of alpine coaster and cable car gondolas.

“After the contracts are signed, in the coming days, we will start preparing the site and starting the works,” Ljevnaic said at a press conference at Jahorina Mountain.

He pointed out that the project of the longest alpine coaster in Europe, which will go from the lake to the top of the mountain, will be completed, whose length will be some two and a half kilometers and will be the biggest summer attraction.

“The starting station is near the large lake at the top of the mountain, which will be arranged with new walking trails, benches and summer camp. We will do lake lighting and complete location of Poljica, all with the aim for the mountain to live for 365 days and to achieve good results during the summer” , Ljevnaic pointed out.

He emphasized that one of the most important projects was the construction of a 1,100 meter gondola that would be located at Javor where three new ski slopes will be built.

“The Gondola on Jahorina will provide more comfortable transport for skier, and 10 people can be transported in gondola, and it will be tailored to people with special needs, and by this, we will give a new dimension to Jahorina,” Ljevnaic said.

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