Izetbegovic: SDA lost in Sarajevo, but won in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bakir Izetbegovic, the leader of the SDA party, said on Sunday evening at the press conference that the SDA lost in Sarajevo, but won in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He congratulated all the mayors who won. As he said, they won mayoral seats in about 30 municipalities and remain convincingly the strongest party in BiH, while the parties gathered around the “Four” will have three times less, Avaz writes.

When asked what was the cause of the defeat in Sarajevo, he said that everything would be analyzed.

”That something happened in Sarajevo, obviously it did. We had a strong opposition that united against us,” he said. He said that the SDA lost several municipalities in Sarajevo, but won in some other municipalities in BiH. Izetbegovic said that they lost eight municipalities, and gained five of them, and they hope for three more.

”We lost three important positions: Centar, Novo Sarajevo and Ilidza,” Izetbegović admitted. Izetbegovic said that some of the big cities in both entities chose changes, such as Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Bijeljina, but he claimed that these were “not tectonic disturbances, but significant changes”.

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