Italians opened Company in Bijeljina and will employ Hundred Workers

On March 11th, the company Sevenpul, owned by Italian investors, will start working in the city of Bijeljina.

Mayor of Bijeljina Mico Micic said that at the beginning, there will be 15 workers employed and that the company is expected to expand and will have one hundred employees.

Mićic pointed out that Sevenpul, whose headquarters are in Hasama, will receive technical assistance from the City Department for Local Economic Development and European Integration, adding that the City Administration will provide all the necessary support for the company’s work.

The owner of the company, a member of the Beneton-Olimpias group, Alesandro Kararo hopes that, by the end of the year, he will succeed in achieving his goal and will employ approximately one hundred workers at the plant in Bijeljina.

“We are delighted that the mayor has hosted and supported us, and we are very pleased with the process of opening the company because we managed to complete everything that was needed very quickly,”Kararo said.



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