The Italian Investor to open a new Plant in BiH this Fall

March 22, 2018 1:15 PM

The company PMP Jelsingrad from Gradiska is specialized in the production of heavy structures that are used in the steel industry. It is engaged in the supply processof iron and steel factories all over Western Europe. Its total annual turnover amounts to 18-20 million BAM, and they are planning the increase of 10 % this year. The company currently employs 190 people. This number will be increased because they will invest 10 million BAM in the new production facility and equipment. That represents just the first phase of the investment.

Although the company has been operating positively since 2011, the story of its success started 5 years earlier.

“That first period was the most difficult one. To start the entire production, to educate the necessary staff… We established new organization and employed a lot of new workers, installed new machines, in order for the factory to start operating without losses in 2007 and 2008. We had a crisis in 2009, but we managed to increase our strength so that we were able to successfully overcome it. We are considering our company as successful since the year of 2011, because our business result was positive since then. We managed to cover our losses from previous years and we are investing accumulated profits,” said the Manager of PMP Jelsingrad, Branislav Banjac.

“There are many orders, our customers are satisfied, and we have more and more work,” he added.

Over 90 % of production is exported to Western Europe. Besides the Netherlands, the most important markets are Germany, Austria and Italy. They also cooperate with Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia, and among the most important is the construction of a bridge for the transport of ore from mines to the thermal power plant that is located in Stanari.

They are planning to increase their traffic by 10 % this year, and they are planning to achieve it with their existing capacities. And in order to develop their business operations in the upcoming years, they will start with the construction of a new production facility this summer. It is 10 million BAM worth investment and it will improve the business operation of this company.

“The new production plant will be completed by the month of August. The installation of machines and equipment in a new production hall will be done by the end of the year. This is the first stage of our investment, because we are currently preparing the project for a two times bigger production hall that will be constructed in the upcoming period,” said Banjac.






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