Islamic Community in BiH: Nobody is paying Muslim Women to cover Themselves

August 23, 2017 9:15 AM

The Islamic Community in BiH considers the statement of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration of Austria Sebastian Kurz, in which he said that “women in Sarajevo and Pristina are paid to go to the street fully covered, in order to change the picture of the city”, as highly inappropriate.

“The Islamic Community in BiH has no information that anyone is paying Muslim women in BiH to dress in a certain way and believes that everyone has the right, including Muslim women, to dress in the way they want. We believe that Mr. Kurz has good intentions while insisting on EU institutions to pay more attention to the Western Balkans and we understand his concern about the current situation, but he did not find the right way to properly illustrate it,” as said in a statement of the Office of Public Relations of the Islamic Community of BiH.

“We are aware that there is a pre-election campaign taking place in Austria and that everyone is using fierce rhetoric, but as we advise politicians in the Balkans, we believe that it would be the best to leave faith and religious feelings of individuals out of politics and not to bring it into the political arena,” as said in the statement.



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