Is there Pyrralinyl in contaminated Soil in Banja Luka?

July 4, 2019 4:00 PM

Resolving environmental problems at the Incel Business Zone in Banja Luka initiated the competent City Administration departments, which continue to take adequate measures to address all the environmental challenges, including this in “Incel”.

“We are the most energetic to deny the untruths with the aim of spreading panic over alleged that  people close to the government secretly take the infected land from Incel and harbor it in the area of Cesma to cover the pollution “and to supposedly” conceal the problem with pyrralinyl in the circle of “Incel” – they highlighted.

As for the alleged take-off of “infected land from the Incel”, the competent services are the ones of the city of Banja Luka, that is, the Ecological Inspection.

According to Inspection findings, on 27th May this year, landowners drove workers of “Bc metal”, which deals with the processing of used batteries, and moved to another location in the Cesma area.

They emphasized that, upon the order of the Inspection, the land was returned to “Incel”, and the company was fined with 3,000 BAM for the presence of heavy metals in sampled land.

In addition, it was found that this company was not properly treated with sulfuric acid, thereby violating the environmental and waste management license, which would be further sanctioned.


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